Manufacturing Services

Meeting the Needs of Your Tight Schedules

Maglio Inc's diverse in-house manufacturing capabilities can meet the needs of customers with tight schedules and confidentiality requirements. Below is a list of some of the manufacturing processes at our facility:

High Quality Parts and Partners

If Maglio Inc. does not have the in-house resources for a certain process, we use one of our business solutions partners. We manufacture as much as possible in-house, but sometimes it is more cost effective, time effective, or better achieved by our business solutions partners. Some of Maglio Inc's most commonly used business solutions partners provide manufacturing services for: injection molding, metal finishings, sheet metal, waterjet cutting, and wire EDM. These partners have a proven history of quick delivery, high quality, and fair prices.

We pride ourselves on having high quality standards and it shows in the way our parts and assemblies look and function. The staff at Maglio Inc. does not just meet the required specification, we have a passion to produce as close to perfection as possible. Normally this high level of quality is very expensive, but by utilizing highly talented fabricators and the proper tools/equipment, we eliminate wasted time and materials and pass the savings on to the customer.

To learn more about Maglio Inc's manufacturing services, please contact us.