About Maglio Inc.

Providing Customers with Complete Product Development

In early 2004, Maglio Inc. was founded to provide customers with a single source for complete product development. There are many engineering design firms and manufacturing job shops, but very few companies that combine both. To fill this niche, Maglio Inc. was formed to reduce the high costs and long lead times associated with having to deal with multiple companies to obtain a new or custom product. By designing and building the product in-house at Maglio Inc. our engineers work directly with our fabricators, which greatly decreases the amount of paperwork and documentation that would normally be required.

At Maglio Inc, all engineers and fabricators are highly skilled and work very closely with each other. By involving fabricators in the design process, manufacturing costs are reduced by making the design easy and fast to manufacture. Likewise involving engineers in the manufacturing process, allows engineers to convey their design to manufacturing without a lot of time and money wasted on paperwork and miscommunication.

Maglio Inc. can Deliver at a Fraction of the Cost and Time

Large corporations greatly benefit from working with Maglio Inc. since we can deliver the product at a fraction of the cost and time that it would take a big business to complete. A large corporation usually has a great marketing department and end user connections, but due to large amounts of red tape, getting a product to market quickly and cost effectively is normally not possible. The solution is hiring Maglio Inc. as a sub-contractor to design, prototype, and even manufacture the production units. By using Maglio Inc. as a sub-contractor, the large corporation makes a higher profit and the end user receives a high quality product at a better price.

Small businesses and individuals also benefit from working with Maglio Inc. because it is like having their own engineering and manufacturing department without having to employ engineers year round and purchase expensive equipment. Maglio Inc’s services can be hired as needed, and we can also assist with business development, patents and trademarks, sourcing high volume production, and project management. We can also provide small businesses with custom tooling, automation, and assembly flow optimization to increase production volume and decrease costs associated with producing their product.

We welcome your interest in our team, and look forward to working with you.

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